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Behind The Scenes

FT Collection 

Cutout Stars

01 Original 

9 ADA (
Max Supply: 100

Policy Id: 1f81d5a01ddf52819061aec72697ea99142c435f54aa389f80b99e6a

Bee Bee New.jpg

02 No Mercy 

10 ADA (
Max Supply: 90

Policy Id: 


Every cat has a story, and Bad Cats has a real story.

This collection is a "little sister" project; It tells and shows the behind the scenes of Bad Cats project, the crazy story behind the story. Drawing, real-life cat pictures, and more. 


Born in the streets of Angkor Kingdom's, Monsieur was a baby when Nikco found him all alone in pitiable condition. From there, Monsieur grew up, learned MMA and blockchain technology, travelled to different countries and now rocking the crypto galaxy.


The first item of this collection is "of course" Monsieur is itself,
In his full magnificence! First Bad Cats drawing, where the story has begun. 


Cutout Stars

She may be the youngest, but don’t count her out!


Bee-Bee, AKA No Mercy was born only a few meters away from the Angkor Temple.

She joined the squad this past year and now, she’s learning the basics of crypto. She’s a fighter with a warrior's spirit running through her veins. She’s fast as lightning, a hunter, akin to Dutch from the Predator series.

Cutout Stars

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"Behind The Scenes"
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